The Art of Car Crying






This one goes out to all the people who can’t cry at home. Whether you are trying to be brave for a loved one or just don’t have the space or privacy to cry at home, I hope this gives you some relief.

Step 1: Park your car somewhere safe, like the edge of a parking lot of a big box store or an off-season community space, such as a pool or tennis court.

Step 2: Be aware of your surroundings. If someone approaches you looking concerned – which has literally never happened to me – don’t roll down your window, just wave them on. They are obviously a carjacker.

Step 3: Let it all out. If you have trouble getting started, listening to sad music usually works. You can also try a crying playlist. This one has 118 songs. 152152149153 This means that if one doesn’t work for you, you can click next until something hits you.  I have included my favorite tear-inducing tunes below.

Step 4: You’ll know when you are done because your mind will start to wander to something unrelated, like if you have enough lettuce for dinner (don’t worry about it; no one really likes lettuce). Also, your breathing will even out.

Step 5: Take ten deep, slow breaths, counting to four as you inhale and six as you exhale.

Step 6: Carry on.

These are my top three go-to songs for crying. The first one completely wrecks me because I always think of my husband Evan. Indie, country, pop – there’s something for everyone (probably).




2 thoughts on “The Art of Car Crying

  1. kellykago says:

    I was home alone yesterday and took advantage of the time to cry and let it all out. It’s true, as I finished up i just sort of stopped and started thinking about something else. I needer it. We all do sometimes.


  2. lem0njello says:

    I used to pull into my driveway, put the car in park, and cry for a while until I could go inside. Wasn’t necessarily even a privacy issue, and there was no one inside to protect. There’s just something about that interim between one life responsibility to the next – having to focus on driving or going to and coming from something that requires your attention, and the million things awaiting you at home to attend to or smile about. Car crying is definitely a particular flavor of escape/relief.
    Thanks for posting ❤


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