Participate in Local Fundraising and Events

Me about to cut the ribbon at the local Walk to Defeat ALS

There isn’t a cure for ALS right now because research is seriously underfunded, and every dollar helps in the fight to defeat ALS. You don’t have to spend a lot of money – or anything at all – to make a difference and kick some ALS! Read on to learn three FREE ways to participate in local fundraising and events.

Another great free way to participate in fundraising events is to help with setup. A friend of mine helped set up the Walk to Defeat ALS at the local zoo this year, and he said it was a lot of fun and an inspiring, community-building way to contribute to the fight! These vital fundraising events simply wouldn’t happen without volunteers like you.

First, the ALS Association hosts events like the Walk to Defeat ALS and Ride to Defeat ALS that involve raising money from family and friends. My region even has a Ski to Defeat ALS event! You can also start your own event. A friend of mine who lost her husband to ALS after a single year of marriage decided to take matters into her own paws by holding a dog parade. She even got vendors for food, drinks, and pet-related merchandise to pay to be involved!