Disappearing Act

“Love ya, Sweet Rach!” my primary caregiver called over her shoulder with a big smile, her typical 5 o’clock farewell. I was so completely dependent on her, so used to waking up to her face, that I could never in my wildest dreams imagine she simply would disappear from my life.

My main caregiver quit without a day’s notice. Now we’re up a creek because, as my caseworker said, “The Medicaid well has run dry,” meaning that the agencies our insurance covers have not a single caregiver available. We are on a waiting list. Until it’s our turn – and we find someone willing to take on a high needs client like me – Evan does everything. Every day. He provides my care 7 days a week, up to 16 hours a day. My care includes vent suctioning, trach care and cleaning, meals and meds via feeding tube, and so much more.

It’s been well over a month since my caregiver left us. Now, we’re drawing from Friends of Rachel to give Evan much-needed respite. This is currently just not sustainable because we use the fund to cover nights so Evan can sleep. That expense is one we can afford, thanks to your generosity.

I’m afraid we must call on you again, though I had hoped not to have to make this request for several months. Please consider making a gift to Friends of Rachel so Evan can have a bit of a break, if only for this month. I know this could not come at a worse time. We are just coming out of Giving Tuesday, you’re doing holiday shopping, and so many worthy causes need donations. Still, I have to ask because this is survival for us. Evan simply can’t go on like this. A gift would mean the world to us.

Just a reminder, care is $36 / hour and $144 / four hour shift, though anything you can give would be appreciated. We know it has been a rough year. Click on the link below for a quick and easy way to donate through PayPal.

Thank you, and happy holidays.

Contribute here:

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