Thank You!

Thank you to my donors! A special thanks to my anonymous donors since we can’t send them a thank you note. So far, we’ve raised about $11,000, bringing our Help Hope Live total up to over $14,000! We found a brilliant nurse who knows practically everything about ventilators, and Evan is getting the respite he so desperately needs. During his weekly six hours off duty, he has gone to a socially-distanced movie theater to watch a movie he’s been dying to see, had lunch with his dad, and gone hiking. He’s even planning a short canoe trip! We’re holding off on the much-needed haircut until the delta variant calms down. His depression has lifted to the point where he’s playing guitar again, which I love to see! I can’t tell you how much this respite means to us. We plan all week for what Evan will do on his mini vacation Fridays when my beloved nurse comes.

You can still donate as this fundraiser is ongoing in order to ensure my care and Evan’s respite last longer. Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Rachel Doboga Campaign! Follow this link:

NOTE: If donating through PayPal is more convenient for you, you can still contribute that way. Just be aware your gift won’t be tax-deductible. From your PayPal account you can donate to

* I can’t post comments or reply to them, but I can read them and I love them. Keep writing!

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