Health Update: Good News!

I have some good health news. I may not be incontinent after all. I mentioned the issues I have been having to my primary care, and she said based on the consistency, it seems like a dietary problem. Maybe not enough fiber. She’s connecting me with a nutritionist soon. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but this could be big for me.

I also have a new eating method which is pretty cool. The food goes through a little machine that spaces out the food over 12 – 16 hours so I don’t get too full. This way I can tolerate all my meals so I am not literally starving (I have lost forty pounds in the last year). Of course, Evan had the idea for this and made it happen in two days. He truly is my hero.

I am still anxious, but I think I am managing it better. I have stopped micromanaging Evan which is a good sign, as well as a relief to the poor guy. I do have a few new coping techniques. I meditate, and when that doesn’t work I distract myself by spelling complex sentences backwards. When I can’t sleep, at Evan’s suggestion I alphabetize the works of my favorite writers – Dickens, Shakespeare, and Nabokov – then do it backwards. However, my best friend advised me that the anxiety will go up and down, which was wise because I do feel it rising from my worries about Evan’s health, happiness, and potential burnout. I love him more than my own life, and watching him suffer is nearly unbearable. The good news is that, thanks to the generosity of the donors who have contributed to the fundraiser, we are able to afford for a nurse to come out for six hours a week to take care of me while he benefits from some time off duty. You can still donate as this fundraiser is ongoing to ensure my care and Evan’s respite last longer. Make a tax-deductible contribution at

* I can’t post comments or reply to them, but I can read them and I love them. Keep writing!

If you have fond memories of Rachel as a teacher in her life before ALS, or if a post on this blog has ever moved you, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Rachel’s care through the new Rachel Doboga Campaign at

NOTE: If donating through PayPal is more convenient for you, you can still contribute that way. Just be aware your gift won’t be tax-deductible. You can donate via PayPal at

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