Where Does the Time Go?

I got the vaccine March 30th, the perfect birthday gift! I am now 34, which I know is still young, but I can’t help but wonder where the time goes. I have had ALS for nearly six years. I was a teenager 20 years ago. Evan and I have been together 15 years! We were babies when we first met! In my mind, it’s forever June and I am 23. We had this amazing summer where we canoed and sang all the while. We hunted for fossils and I found one that was three million years old! We also went on this road trip from Virginia to Atlanta where we did a sleepover at the world famous aquarium. We pretended we were on our honeymoon and they gave us a really romantic time. We slept under the whale shark tank.

What age are you eternally? What was one of your best summers?

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