Concerns About President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts

Trump’s new budget proposal calls for complete defunding of the ALS Registry, which will dramatically slow the research that I and thousands of other people with ALS are counting on to save our lives! This is a matter of life and death, not politics. My survival is not a partisan issue. I beg you to call or write to your representatives to let them know that this budget is unacceptable as long as it includes a call to defund the ALS Registry, one of our greatest sources of hope for a cure.

2 thoughts on “Concerns About President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts

  1. Jerry Liguori says:

    I’m speechless…how much money does the government really give to the ALS registry. Likely almost nothing? I have had ALS for about 3 years and try to remain positive but when our own government makes decisions like this, it is disappointing.


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