Major News for Readers!

Dear Readers,

I have exciting news! Now that I have Internet on my Tobii again for the first time in many years, I’m better able to work on my blog. You may have noticed pictures, stylized text, hyperlinks, and more sophisticated auto share on Twitter and Facebook. If these changes haven’t caught your eye, no worries; just enjoy reading! Goodness knows I’m enjoying myself!

The truly major, exciting news is this: I’m notorious for only being able to read comments. I haven’t been able to post or reply in about 5 years. Well, one of the new tricks I’ve learned is fully engaging with comments – reading, posting, and replying. From now on, all comments will be made public… Unless you say in your comment that you want your comment to remain private! I will read all comments individually before posting. I have been honored over the years as you’ve confided in me about your marriages and mental health, your parenting and faith. Some of you have even become regulars. I hold these confidences sacred, and rest assured, I would never expose them by posting them.

Thank you for reading and for talking to me, especially when I am vulnerable.

Sincerely yours,

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