Out of the Woods?

Evan just tested negative for COVID on the tenth day! We’re extra careful and don’t subscribe to the new CDC five-day rule. He took an extra test on the eleventh day just to be sure it wasn’t a false negative, and of course it wasn’t, so he’s out of the woods. So am I because I took my COVID tests too, and I also got two negatives. I made it through Evan’s entire COVID experience without a single sneeze. Science works, people! We used masks, and got our vaccines and booster shots. Evan even used gloves when he absolutely had to touch me for my care.

We’re not sure how he got exposed, but thankfully my booster protected me from his weakened case. As for his booster, it lessened his symptoms to the point where we thought he had a minor cold. He only took a COVID test out of extreme caution. We were completely shocked when it came back positive.

Regarding the nighttime caregivers who understandably didn’t want to stick around, my mom found a replacement who evidently has no fear of COVID. We are lucky to have my mom working the phone, calling all the caregiving agencies in town. This isn’t the first time she has come to the rescue, though I certainly hope she won’t need to save us again.

So I’m out of the woods, right? Wrong. Two people close to me just caught COVID. Omicron seems to be closing in on me, though as my poetic doctor uncle says, it’s more like a wave passing over me out to sea, which is somehow more comfortable imagery. Here’s hoping I don’t catch Omicron or worse, the deadly Delta, or any future COVID variants.

* I can’t post comments or reply to them, but I can read them and I love them. Keep writing!

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