Exciting News!

My creative, brilliant Aunt Cathy created a nonprofit to raise funds for my care, meaning going forward, all donations to my care through the nonprofit are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! Please check out the nonprofit Rachel Doboga Campaign website at https://helphopelive.org/campaign/16990/

This website is very special to me, not only because one of my role models worked so tirelessly on it, but because it features actual footage of me cooking with my family and speaking. I can’t believe I was once able to do these things. Forgetting is so easy. However, in addition to including precious videos of my past, the website narrates how I lived before the monster called ALS took over my body, my life. Of course, it also explains how I live now, which I forget as well because I really do think people can get used to anything. I cherish this website for reminding me of invaluable truths.

I also cherish this website for its purpose – raising money for my care. Evan provides almost every hour of my care because in my state, no one except a nurse or family member can provide ventilator care. In December when my caregiver abandoned us and Evan was working 16 hour days to meet my needs, I called on you for respite care for him. Your generosity provided 6 months of naps, watching movies, sometimes even playing guitar when his spirits were high enough – but always with the baby monitor whose other end is attached to, you guessed it, my ventilator.

We’re in very serious danger right now of caregiver burnout, which is when a person has worked so hard for so long without a true break that they are unable to function as a caregiver. Evan has the will and the skills to be a fantastic caregiver for the rest of my life, but his health is degrading now. He needs more self-care, more true respite when he’s not on call. My husband desperately needs a haircut. He needs to walk the dogs, leave the house, something he hasn’t done in MONTHS. For this to happen, I need a lot of expensive, specialized care. Nursing care on top of overnight care will run $4500 per month, and that’s just for 6 hours of nursing care / respite per week. I am asking that we raise $25,000 to pay into my husband’s health and prevent the catastrophe that caregiver burnout would be.

$25,000 seems like an impossible amount, and maybe it is, but I hope you understand that I have to ask for 6 months of only 6 hours per week of nursing care for me and respite for Evan. That will last us until almost the new year. We are of course grateful for any tax-deductible contribution you are able to make. You can make your donation to my care and Evan’s respite at the nonprofit Rachel Doboga Campaign website, https://helphopelive.org/campaign/16990/

NOTE: If donating through PayPal is more convenient for you, you can still contribute that way. Just be aware your gift won’t be tax-deductible. You can donate via PayPal to Friends of Rachel at https://paypal.me/pools/c/8oeQxv9gau

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