Keeping My Head Up

I don’t have the energy for a full story today, though I have plenty I am eager to tell. Unfortunately, I’m in the middle of a long battle that is taking all I’ve got. Remember that post about me sleeping 18 hours some days and then not at all? My circadian rhythm is still a manic tap dance in my empty, red skull. I did have a brief stay at the hospital, which is providing great material for a post that is both infuriating and hilarious. However, nothing was solved there.

Although I am still struggling with my medications, I smile at least once a day because of the time I spend with caregivers, family, and friends. I’m certain that this too shall pass. Of course, “this” refers to the trial of balancing meds, not ALS. Never forget, my ALS doesn’t end until it kills me or we cure it.

Until my next piece, I leave you with this song, devoted to those who watch over me…

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