The National Park Ice Bucket Challenge Twist!

Life After ALS: A Caregiver's Journey

So the new website is up and running!!  Now you can take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this month, BUT you stay DRY!!!  It’s very simple!  I leave for my road trip next week.  And not only is this trip to help me find some beauty, but it’s to raise money and awareness for ALS.  So here’s what you do!!

  1. Go to my website:
  2. Check out my basic route and parks I will visit
  3. Make your donation: NationaParksTour Donation Page
  4. Fill out the Pick Your Park form and nominate 3 people or businesses to take on the Challenge.
  5. You stay dry!  I get wet! ALS research gets funded!!  WE ALL WIN!!

GlacierGlacier National Park

NGS Picture Id:1744279 Turret Arch seen through North Window at sunrise.

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