Remembering Who I Am

ALS doesn’t just a destroy your body; it can also destroy your sense of self-worth. As I need more and more care, it is hard to believe I am not a burden. My sense of value is under constant siege.

Fortunately, I have found that kind words often come when I least expect them and most need them. My heart swelled when an angel from my past posted this on Facebook:

My sweet, brave friend whom I have known since she was a little girl is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with ALS at 28 years old. I babysat for Rachel, and she has a true gift. She is one of the most talented and eloquent writers, and this was evident even before her diagnosis. Now she uses her gift to spread awareness about her diagnosis, her daily fight and what we can all do to find a cure. Follow her story. Her words are eloquent, real and amazing. If you are feeling generous, donate to the ALSA on her behalf. If you can’t donate monetarily, donate with prayers for this sweet, amazing and beautiful girl. It is a privilege to call her a friend and to have known her since she was 5. Love you, Rachel.

Never hesitate to tell a sick friend what you admire about him/her. Let your friend know that despite needing more, he/she is still a bright spot in your life. Healing words strengthen our hearts and our will to fight in a way no medicine can. For every dose, we are more grateful than words can express.

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