How to Help


There are countless ways for you to join the fight to end ALS and support those living with the disease. Learn how to:

  • Lend a hand to pALS (people living with ALS) in your life
  • Volunteer to raise ALS awareness in your community
  • Participate in local fundraising and events
  • Become an advocate for legislation that promotes aid for pALS, research to find a cure, and more.


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Contact Your Representatives

4 The National ALS Registry is in danger of being defunded! Use the following text to write to or call your representatives and let them know that you expect them to oppose this atrocious proposal (contact information here139). The Honorable [NAME] United States House of Representatives (or: United States Senate) United States Capitol Washington, DC … Continue reading Contact Your Representatives

Canvass for Petition Signatures

4 WANTED! I am looking for people with experience canvassing for petition signatures. Phase 2 of my “Save the National ALS Registry Campaign” is to create and publish a guide that allows citizens to reach out to their neighbors and get signatures to send to representatives along with a letter explaining why we need them … Continue reading Canvass for Petition Signatures

Lend a Hand

10 6 Loving someone with ALS often means feeling helpless. What can we really do to help pALS when we can’t offer them a cure or even a treatment? How do we help them cope physically and mentally with the way this disease ravages the body, destroying independence and dignity? ALS Worldwide doesn’t believe that … Continue reading Lend a Hand